Things to Never Say to Someone Going Through IVF

We have all been in that situation where we said something we aren’t supposed to. And honestly, that’s one of the most embarrassing and awkward moments. But, how would it be when you share something really sensitive with your closed one and they said something hurtful. 

When it comes to a problem, we always share it with our friends. While they may say something insensitive, we must know that they aren’t always meant to be hurtful. Often these hurtful comments are made out of sheer ignorance. All of us just want to be there for our friends and sometimes it hurts. 

When your close family member, a friend or anyone is going through IVF, you have to be very careful about what you say. Your prime focus here is to be there for them and not say something hurtful. 

Things You Should Never Say to Someone Going Through IVF

When it comes to supporting someone going through IVF, you need to be extra careful. One major reason these people opt for IVF is because they are undergoing infertility. It can be very disheartening. Well, here are some things that you must avoid saying:

1. Try to Relax

IVF is going to be a long procedure. Moreover, if you’re trying to conceive through IVF, you need to be extremely patient. One needs to prepare themselves to accept the results whatever may come their way. 

While you may want to make them feel at ease by saying to relax, it does not really help. People battling infertility are always conscious about having a child. Let’s just admit that IVF is a really expensive treatment. Therefore, no one can relax until they’ve received results. 

After all, what would happen if the results aren’t positive? It can lead to a mental breakdown. You must try to be there for people who have undergone IVF but make sure that you aren’t unreasonable about it. 

2. You Have Time

Never, never, never say this to someone going through IVF. Our fertility, especially in women, sees a steep decline after the age of 35 years. The ovarian reserve may vary from woman to woman, but whether it can help in pregnancy or not is still questionable. 

If they are young, don’t try to restrict or restrain them by saying that they have enough time. It is their choice as to when they want a baby. Saying that they have time will not help any individual who has been trying to get pregnant. 

Insurance coverage for IVF will also be limited. Since this is an expensive treatment, they will have to spend a lot. When someone is undergoing IVF, they are already going through a lot. 

No matter how young or old the person is, telling them that they have time doesn’t make sense. Each of them is in the path of their own suffering. There are individuals who may use donor eggs after a certain age. Rather than being opinionated, during these times we should try to be supportive. 

3. You Can Just Adopt

Let’s just say that this is one of the most common things anyone trying IVF has heard. While it is a very legitimate and logical explanation, it does not necessarily help. The path to parenthood is never easy. There are way too many complications that the couple is going through and this just keeps adding to the pain. 

If they wanted to adopt, they would have done that without waiting. It is advisable that you be a little compassionate towards their feelings and let them heal. They are already going through a rough patch, please don’t add more to it. 

4. You’re Lucky that You Don’t Have Kids

This is honestly the worst thing that you can say to someone going through IVF. One of the main reasons why an individual or couple goes through IVF is to conceive and have children of their own. In such a situation, to call them lucky because they don’t have kids is very insensitive.

Rather than telling them things like these, you should consider being supportive. It is advisable to analyze their situation and then say something that will provide assurance to them. 

5. Maybe You’re Not Meant to Be Parents

Nothing hurts a couple more than hearing these words. If this was at all true, why would bad or abusive parents have children in the first place? 

There are many reasons why they aren’t able to conceive. Well, don’t just add to the pain by telling them that they are not meant to be parents. Be compassionate and not rude towards any couple going through IVF. 

6. Why Do You Need a Second Child when You Already Have One?

Secondary infertility can be as painful as primary infertility. Many couples experience this and it can be heart-wrenching. Having a child doesn’t take away the pain when the couple wants to conceive one more child. 

Couples with secondary infertility already feel grateful for having children. However, their desire to have one more child may be due to any other reason. It is advisable that you are polite towards them rather than being rude. 

Winding Up

Going through IVF, wishing to have a child can be an extremely complex procedure. You will need to go through a lot. Moreover, IVF success rate is also an important factor to consider. If you are planning to go through IVF, you need to ensure that you’re following the best practices. 

Reaching out to the professional doctors can be of great help in determining the higher success rates. It is advisable to know your situation and then go for IVF. 

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