IVF Success Rate: Does IVF Guarantee Success Rate on the First Try?

If you are someone who has just undergone the first IVF cycle or is planning to go for an IVF treatment, this is the typical question that can pop up in your mind.

If you have read some articles or watched some YouTube videos then you might have seen people saying that IVF guarantees a 100% success rate on the first try, but it’s a false statement.

So does IVF guarantees a high success rate on the very first try?

Can IVF Guarantee Success Rate On The First Time?

See, the overall global average success rate of women starting their first cycle of IVF is 35% and 50-75% by their sixth or eighth cycle.

However, one must understand that the success rate of IVF depends upon the age of the women. Hence, the likelihood of pregnancy increases with multiple cycles of IVF, which is generally three or more.

If you think that you might see a higher success rate in the first cycle of IVF treatment then you are wrong. This is the reason why so many couples lose their hopes as they do not make up their minds for multiple cycles.

Don’t change your fertility centre as soon as your first cycle fails, be prepared for more than two IVF cycles and then make your decision.

Factors That Determine IVF Success Rate In The First Try

Various factors affect a couple’s fertility and their success rate, but the most common ones are:

Your Age

Your age is the most significant determinant of your odds of getting pregnant in your first cycle of IVF. You must know that IVF is most successful for women between the ages of 25 to 35.

Your Lifestyle

If one of the partners smokes or drinks excessively or has an unhealthy weight, the likelihood of better success rates in an IVF cycle reduces significantly.

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The Fertility Clinic or Centre Your Choose

The chances of successful pregnancy in IVF are as dependent upon the expertise and quality of a fertility clinic as it is on a couple’s age.

A fertility clinic or an IVF centre with great expertise, advanced labs, good air quality, and the background and expertise of the embryologists can promise you better chances of conceiving in the first cycle itself.

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