Best IVF Centre in Delhi Explains All Fertility Procedures- Which one is Best for you?

Infertility has become quite a common problem in couples due to late marriages, health issues, and excessive stress levels. “How to get pregnant faster” is the most common query we receive every day at our fertility clinic in Delhi. There are many ways of increasing the chances of getting pregnant. We at Fertility clinics in Delhi provide many assisted techniques ranging from IVF to IUI and IMSI etc.

Treating the Underlying Infertility Disorder if Present

The best way to get pregnant naturally is by treating any infertility disorders such as PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), endometriosis (abnormal thickness of uterine walls), uterine fibroids and hydrosalpinx (blockage of the fallopian tube), etc. These diseases can be treated laparoscopically as well as by medications depending upon their severity. Treatment of these infertility disorders boosts the chances of getting pregnant to a higher extent. Know all about the laparoscopic treatment of infertility diseases here.

IVF or Intrauterine Insemination

IVF is the most popular fertility treatment as it has a high chance of converting into a pregnancy. The IVF treatment is best for females in their 30s and even in the early 40s or the ones suffering from tubal blockage (hydrosalpinx). Also if the couple is suffering from unexplained infertility then IVF is one of the best options to consider. IVF treatment involves making the female more fertile by giving her the ovulation booster medicines and then harvesting the eggs and the sperm from the couple. After which they are fertilized in a lab to create an embryo. This embryo is then kept in the embryoscope for 4-5 days to become strong enough to get transplanted into the womb. After a particular number of days, the embryo is/are implanted inside the womb of the mother. A pregnancy test is performed after 14 days of implantation.

IUI or Intrauterine Insemination

Some couples who don’t wish to go for IVF can try IUI treatment first. The chances of pregnancy in IUI treatment are way lesser than IVF but it varies from patient to patient. Some females get pregnant in the very first cycle of IUI while some others are in their fifth one. We at Ferticity suggest that 3-5 cycles are enough and if the pregnancy is not attained then the couple should go for IVF treatment. In IUI fertility treatment, the sperms of the partner are implanted in the womb of his partner with the help of a catheter-like probe. Before implanting the sperms, the female is made more fertile by giving some ovulation boosters to increase her chances of becoming pregnant. Know more about the IUI treatment in Delhi.

Surrogacy Treatment

When a female is unfit to carry her baby in her womb, then surrogacy treatment is suggested to her. In this treatment, the eggs and sperm of the ‘intended parents’ are taken just like during an IVF process. They are fertilized in the lab and the embryo is implanted in the surrogate mother’s womb. The important thing to consider is that the child born out of the surrogate mother carries the genes of the intended parents and not of the surrogate mother’s. So the child genetically belongs to the intended parents and not the surrogate mother. A surrogate mother can be a relative of the couple or a registered surrogate lady fulfilling these criteria to become a surrogate mother.

These are the most popular fertility treatments available at our fertility clinic in Delhi. You can call us if you have any queries regarding IVF or fertility or you can Book an Appointment with any of our Fertility Doctors, Dr. Ila Gupta and Dr. Nalini Mahajan at the comfort of your home.

Ferticity wishes you happy parenting!