Effects Of Diabetes On Infertility: Does Diabetes Affects Male And Female Fertility?

The pancreas, a gland located in your abdomen is responsible to release a hormone named insulin, this hormone regulates the levels of blood sugar in your body.

But what happens when someone’s blood sugar levels are too high?

The answer is, that you might get diagnosed with diabetes mellitus. A condition where your insulin hormone is unable to control those high sugar levels in your body. Commonly this happens when you are maintaining an unhealthy lifestyle, consuming sugary or processed foods which leads to insulin resistance.

But does diabetes really affects male and female fertility? Let’s take a look.

Effects Of Diabetes On Fertility

diabetes and infertility
The rapid rise in diabetes in India

Let’s first answer one of the most asked questions on the internet about infertility, does diabetes affects fertility? Yes, diabetes does affect female and male fertility. Apart from fertility, diabetes also hinders healthy pregnancy when pregnant, often increasing the risks of miscarriage, C-section, stillbirths, foetal growth issues, etc.

Moreover, Diabetes is also linked to poor sperm and embryo quality, as well as DNA damage (genetic mutations and deletions).

In men, diabetes causes blood vessel damage which results in sexual issues like erectile dysfunction and ejaculation problems. Moreover, high sugar levels are also associated with decreased levels of testosterone causing loss of sexual drive or libido resulting in reduced frequency of intercourse.

The good news is both men’s and women’s sexual health improves when diabetes is well-controlled. When diabetes is well-managed, the risk of infertility is minimised.

So, before you start actively trying to conceive, your diabetes should be fully under control for at least three months. This will lower the diabetes risks associated with pregnancy.

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