10 Dietary Changes to Reduce Fibroid Growth  

Fibroids can cause killing pain, especially when you’re on periods, and they will ruin your sex life and even hamper your fertility.

While you may think that removing the uterus can help cure the problem, it will not.

The main problem for fibroids is estrogen dominance. If you want to reduce fibroid growth, you need to bring small changes in your lifestyle and the food you eat.

According to the best IVF centre in Delhi, Ferticity Fertility Clinics, following a healthy diet can play an essential role in reducing fibroid growth.

Changing your diet can be one of the most ethical practices to prevent fibroid growth. Given below are some of the dietary changes that you can follow.

1. Minimize the consumption of high glycemic index food

You must lower the consumption of high dietary glycemic foods. The consumption of foods rich in high glycemic index can lead to an increase in the tumour, and Furthermore, it will also increase the concentration of insulin. Therefore, you must avoid foods such as white bread, white rice, french fries or even rice cakes.

2. Consume Low Glycemic Index Foods

While you lower the consumption of high GI foods, you should also consume low GI foods. This will help in lowering menstrual cramps and symptoms of PMS. Consuming foods like berries, eggs, oranges, dark chocolate, and leafy green vegetables can help treat the condition.

3. Consume Raw Foods

If you want to reduce fibroid growth, you must maintain the cooked food ratio to 80:20. You should also eat nuts, seeds, fruits and fresh vegetables. Furthermore, you must also increase dietary fibre to help prevent fibroid growth.

4. Maintain a Balance of Alkaline-Acid Food

You must maintain a pH level of the body between 7.365 to 7.45. However, if there is a dip in the alkaline level of the body, it can be dangerous.

While it is advisable to maintain a balance between alkaline and acidic food, you must follow an alkaline diet, which will help maintain health and hormonal balance. Therefore, reducing sugar and carb intake is advisable while increasing avocados, sprouts, and avocados.

5. Strengthen Your Immune System

Strengthening your immune system can help to reduce fibroid growth. It would help if you refrained from smoking and maintained a healthy weight. Consume foods low in saturated fat, such as vegetables and fruits and also control your blood pressure.

6. Reduce Food Allergens

If your body is allergic to certain food items, reduce your consumption of the same. Foods like shellfish, cow’s milk, eggs, tree nuts, soy, wheat, and more can trigger allergies in many people. Therefore, before you start the consumption of these food items, make sure that your body isn’t triggering any allergic reaction.

7. Avoid Keeping Your Food in Plastic Containers

Plastic bottles and contains can instigate oestrogen. Storing these food items in plastic or food wrap can cause damage. It is advisable to keep beverages and foods in glass. Furthermore, xenoestrogens can harm the tissues.

8. Detoxify the Food

Detoxifying the body is essential to reduce fibroids. The primary function of the liver is to detoxify the body. The metabolism of oestrogen takes place in the liver.

If the liver does not work correctly, it will increase hormones and toxins. Herbal cleansing can help to detoxify the liver. Furthermore, it will also help to remove impurities, thereby lowering fibroid growth.

9. Cleanse Your Body

Cleansing your body is crucial to removing toxins. You must remove toxins twice a year if you want your body to function properly. The first step toward cleansing the body is to remove the toxins. As a result, it will help in lowering fibroid growth.

10. Rest

Give your body sufficient rest to reduce fibroid growth. Stress can be harmful to the body. Furthermore, stress is also a significant reason our body experiences fibroid growth. An increase in fatty acids will eventually lead to an increase in fibroids.

Reaching out to the best IVF centre in India to treat your body is advisable. Fibroid growth can often lead to infertility; therefore, you must consult professionals.

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