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Are you consuming herbs just because you read a blog post or watch some YouTube videos about how they can cure your fertility? Then we would tell you to read this article and decide for yourself on taking herbal remedies or not. So, can herbs treat infertility? Let’s find out.

Herbs And Infertility: The Truth

See, it’s really discouraging when one can’t conceive in the natural ways even after taking care of everything from having unprotected sex to tracking ovulation cycles.

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But, after some time couple loses hope and attempts to try some herbal remedies with their prescribed medicines.

Though herbal remedies can work for some couples, one must always take note of the side effects they can cause too.

Herbal remedies do cure some ailments like cough, fever, etc. But infertility is not of them.

There are no such scientific backings so far that conclude that infertility is treatable by herbs.

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However, there are a lot of times when couples try to consume herbal medicines with their prescribed conventional medicines. But they end up making their ailment worse.


Just because, many herbal medications react with the conventional medicines.

Studies On Herbs As A Cure For Infertility

Gilbert Ross medical director of the American Council on Science and Health in New York says, “Many herbal preparations have been documented to contain estrogenic substances, which can have an impact on sex-hormone concentration and fertility in both males and females.”

Nidal Jaradat and Abdel Naser Zaid performed a study on the effects of herbal remedies used in the treatment of infertility in males and females. They found that the herbs showed no signs of a positive impact on fertility in both men and women. And also lacked evidence that they are clinically safe.

What Can Help You Boost Your Fertility?

You don’t need many herbal remedies if you are trying to conceive naturally. All you need is a good diet plan, regular exercise, good sleep, maintaining a healthy weight, and avoiding smoking and alcohol.


Natural remedies or herbs can’t cure infertility. There are a lot of herbs that can make your infertility even worse. So before taking any natural supplements talk to your doctor and read about its side effects.

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