Can You Work Full Time While Undergoing IVF Treatment?

With the increased popularity of IVF treatments, the number one question that haunts women these days is will they be able to work while undergoing IVF treatment? So, can you work full time while undergoing IVF treatment? Let’s find out.

For most women compromising their jobs is not an option because of corporate requirements, salary cuts, and so on.

But the advancements in reproductive technology have opened all the closed doors for numerous couples who wavered to undergoing IVF because of work and treatment instability.

Can You Work Full Time And Undergo IVF Treatment?

Yes, you can absolutely work full time and undergo IVF treatment without any hassle.

If you’re planning to undergo an IVF treatment you must be worried about the frequency of hospital visits, being absent from work, or having to take leave.

But in IVF treatments all one needs is good support and motivation to have a hassle-free procedure.

Our specialist Dr.Ila Gupta explains the procedure of IVF as:

“In this procedure, hormonal injections are given to make eggs from the ovaries. It takes around 10 days of injections for the eggs to get ready. The growth of eggs is monitored by ultrasound which does not require a long time to perform and can be scheduled before going to the office or according to work timings of the patient.”

She further adds, “As soon as the follicles grow to the appropriate size, the egg collection process begins. This procedure involves inserting a needle transvaginally under ultrasound guidance to collect eggs from the ovary. With the completion of this procedure, the eggs are injected with the sperm of the partner initiating the creation of embryos. On the 3rd or 4th day, the embryos are transferred to the uterus. Being a short procedure the patient is asked to rest for a few hours before discharge after which she can resume her work.”

Dr. Ila states that the only requirement is that the patient must maintain a healthy diet and try to minimize any kind of stress during the course of the treatment.

Plan Before You Start Your IVF Journey

Though you can undergo IVF treatment while you continue your work, it is always better to talk to your boss about it. What we suggest is you should figure out how much time it would take during the IVF journey so that you can prepare yourself beforehand.

This will also help you to come up with good ideas to tell your boss about how you will manage the work and make up for a lost time during your absence.

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