8 Tips To Make Your IVF Treatment Successful On The First Try

If you are planning to undergo an IVF treatment, there is a probability that you might have read many articles regarding less IVF success rates in the first cycle. But what if we tell you that it’s not impossible to make your IVF treatment successful on the first try.

At Ferticity we receive hundreds of patients and the first question that they ask is “What can we do to increase our chances for IVF Success on the first try?” or “Is it possible to maximise 1st Time IVF Success.”

So in this article, you will find the 8 tips by which you can make your IVF successful on the first try.

8 Effective Tips For Successful IVF

Here are the ten most effective ways by which you can maximise your chances of conceiving through IVF in the first cycle itself.

  1. IVF success rates may be improved with detoxification. So, for a minimum of 3 months, you must adhere to a healthy eating regimen.
  2. Alcohol. coffee and smoking must be avoided at all costs as they can hinder your IVF success rates.
  3. Weight gain has a negative impact on the success rates of IVF. So if you want to make it successful in the first cycle itself, try to maintain a healthy weight and BMI.
  4. Take the vitamins your doctors provide to round out your diet. Fetal implantation can be boosted by vitamins such as A, B, C and E. On the other hand, Folic acid is also important.
  5. Men who want to improve their sperm quality should take care of their diet too and must consume important multivitamins. Aside from that, doctors suggest that using boxers over briefs could improve sperm quality.
  6. IVF or infertility centres must also be chosen carefully. Choose an IVF clinic that has a long history of experience and success rates. Ask your friends and family for recommendations and then choose an IVF centre.
  7. Though IVF is a stressful journey one must always keep in mind that stress always hinders IVF success rates. Do take the necessary steps to cope with it or talk to your counsellor for help.
  8. It is possible to boost your chances of IVF treatment in the first attempt if your male spouse refrains from ejaculating or any sexual activity for 5 to 6 days before the sperm donation.

Prepare Yourself For Successful IVF

So as we have discussed the 8 tips by which you can increase your chances of a successful IVF treatment on the first try, let’s now understand how you should prepare yourself for IVF treatment.

For male partners, it’s better to avoid cycling or any other physical activity that can heat the testicles. As this can decrease your sperm quality. One should also keep in mind that age does play a crucial role in IVF treatments and it’s only possible to make it happen in the first cycle if you are below the age of 35.

Aside from that, both the couples should maintain a healthy weight by maintaining a healthy diet.

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