What Is the Difference Between IUI and IVF?

There is no one-fit solution for every patient and that’s why there are several options that you are recommended as per your needs.

Well, the most common ones among other infertility treatments are IVF (in vitro insemination) and IUI (intrauterine insemination).

Though they both help you to achieve conceive and fulfil your dream of experiencing parenthood, there is a difference between them.

The major difference between IUI and IVF is that in IUI fertilization takes place internally, whereas in IVF fertilization takes place in a lab.

As IVF involves the process of surgically removing the egg through a needle and triggering the fertilization outside the body.

In IUI sperm is injected directly into the woman’s uterus. While IUI is a less expensive treatment, IVF is an expensive one but promises high chances of pregnancy.

So now as might have understood the main difference between both IUI and IVF let’s understand in-depth about both of them.

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What is IVF?

In IVF (in vitro insemination) a couple’s gametes are fertilized outside a female’s body in a lab, hence the baby born through this procedure is called a test tube baby.

The process starts with doctors going through the medical history of the patient and after everything seems fine, the patient receives medications to stimulate her ovaries to develop multiple eggs.

As soon as the follicle size reaches 18-20 mm, a minor procedure is carried out to take out the eggs under the transvaginal ultrasound. After this the partner or donor sperms are combined with the grown eggs and after it gets fertilized the embryos get inserted into the uterus.

However, one must remember that the primary chance of getting a successful pregnancy through IVF depends upon the age of the woman and the quality of the IVF laboratory.

What is IUI?

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is the procedure in which the male partner or donor sperm is injected directly into the uterine cavity of women during ovulation. This decreases the sperm’s travel time to the egg.

Dr. Ila Gupta, an IVF & IUI specialist at Fertility explains the procedure as:

“In IUI semen sample analysis is performed after which they are washed to concentrate the motile sperm. As the final sample of semen is prepared it is gently inserted into a female’s uterine cavity through a disposable catheter and speculum.”

Dr. Ila Gupta

The procedure is painless but does not promise high chances of pregnancy success rates However, your doctor might recommend you IUI if your medical condition seems suitable for this procedure.

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Why IVF is Better Than IUI? (The Real Difference)

IVF is presently the most successful treatment for infertility as even if your male partner’s sperm count is low, or you are struggling with a blocked fallopian tube or with few eggs count, then also IVF can help you form an embryo.

This embryo then is inserted into your uterus and if it gets implanted then your doctor will give you good news.

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