IUI treatment in Delhi - Know your chances of getting pregnant with IUI

When you are struggling to plan a baby, everything seems gloomy and unfortunate. Constant failures on that pregnancy test can be very heartbreaking. Also, IVF treatment is not an easy decision to make. Which is why IUI (intrauterine insemination) comes handy and is an affordable option (iui cost in delhi is quite affordable) too. It has good success rate in females having the favorable conditions. Finding out these favorable conditions is very important as iui treatment in delhi, India depends upon these factors a lot.

What is IUI or Intrauterine insemination?

IUI is the simplest assisted reproduction technique which involves taking the sperm from the male partner and washing them in the lab. These sperms are then segregated on the basis of health, motility and shape etc. The healthy and motile sperms are chosen and transferred to the female uterus with the help of a catheter. The patient is then sent home and some success tips for IUI are given by the iui specialists to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy. Other than these tips, some factors need to be considered before choosing IUI treatment.

Things to be Considered for Females for IUI Treatment in Delhi

  • You should have a near regular menstrual cycle (with or without medications)
  • Mild Pcod cases can also go for iui treatment after getting accessed
  • Don’t try to lose weight in the waiting period as the measures you might be taking for that may decrease your chance of getting pregnant after IUI treatment.
  • A normal uterine cavity is a plus
  • A good ovarian reserve should be there so that if the IUI treatment fails several times, you still have the IVF choice left.

Things to be Considered For Males

  • If you are suffering from mild male infertility then you can go for IUI treatment for your partner
  • The patients having low sperm count or low sperm motility can also opt for this treatment as the sperm are washed and segregated before inserting in the uterine cavity
  • Frozen sperm can also be used for treatment at our iui centres in delhi

Other than these, there are certain ailments that can cause infertility but iui treatment has shown successful pregnancy in them. Here are those candidates who can go for iui treatment despite having these ailments. Some of them are given below –

  • Patients suffering from unexplained infertility can opt for IUI treatment with high success chances
  • Mild endometriosis patients can also find a good iui treatment in delhi at Ferticity IVF & Fertility Clinics.
  • IUI is also a good option for females suffering from scarring in cervical tissues
  • Females having anti-sperm antibodies in the vaginal tissue can also opt for this procedure as the sperms are directly introduced in the uterus surpassing the vagina.
  • Obese females can also opt for iui treatments as the chances of pregnancy increase.

The success rate increases in the first three cycles of IUI and then start decreasing in the next three. However many couples who don’t get results in the first three cycles, got positive results in the next three cycles. on the other hand, many are fortunate enough to become pregnant in the very first IUI cycle.

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