Things to do After IUI Treatment to Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

IUI/ Intrauterine insemination or Artificial insemination is the most popular fertility treatment after IVF treatment in Delhi, India. IUI is the process of facilitating pregnancy by inserting the selected healthy sperm of the intended father in the uterus of the intended mother. This procedure is performed after giving medicines and injections to the female partner in order to make her ovulate more and increase the chances of getting pregnant many folds. At ferticity, best IUI centre in delhi, the procedure is performed by the most experienced IUI doctors in Delhi. This article spreads light on the tips to get pregnant after IUI treatment.

IUI treatment doesn’t require any anesthesia in most cases (unless the patient requires it or due to any other reason), the procedure takes a few minutes and the patient can go home after 30 minutes.A pregnancy test is performed after 15 days of the procedure. This waiting period of 15 days can be quite daunting for the patient.The thought process of the patient and the hope for pregnancy sometimes gives rise to excess stress which is not good for pregnancy to set in.

Other than the stress some other things that should not be done after you take your IUI treatment. Once you come home after getting the IUI treatment, then you need to follow some iui success tips in order to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Some of the don’ts after IUI treatment are as follows

  • Avoid the use of any kind of drugs or alcohol. Smoking is also strictly prohibited
  • Don’t indulge in any kind of weight lifting or heavy exercises in that waiting period.
  • Don’t try to lose weight in the waiting period as the measures you might be taking for that may decrease your chance of getting pregnant after IUI treatment.
  • Don’t take too much stress or keep wondering about the pregnancy results, try to distract yourself with a light hobby that may help you feel relieved.

IUI Success Tips – Things to Do After IUI Treatment to Help You Get Pregnant

  • Take a healthy and well-balanced meal three times a day.
  • Take good water intake.
  • Take your vitamins (given by your fertility specialist) religiously
  • Maintain a proper sleep schedule and sleep properly
  • Keep yourself physically active
  • Indulge in your favorite activity (not an exerting physical activity though)
  • Make a list of your symptoms to help define them to your doctor in a better way

When to expect the symptoms of implantation after IUI procedure?

Not every woman have the symptoms of implantation (that pregnancy has set in). Even if you feel no symptoms whatsoever, that doesn’t mean that your pregnancy has not set in. Wait for the pregnancy test to decide the result and don’t fret on the assumptions before that. However, some woman may feel some of the implantation symptoms which are

  • You may have some symptoms of implantation after 7 to 10 days of the procedure
  • Some females don’t experience any kind of symptoms after implantation so it is not necessary to experience any sort of symptoms of pregnancy before the pregnancy test day.
  • Some symptoms like constipation, nausea, breast tenderness can be the early signs of pregnancy after one week to 12 days. However it is not obvious to have the symptoms in every female.
  • Just keep your hopes up but not till the depressing levels.

We hope that these iui success tips will be helpful for the patients to increase your chances of becoming pregnant after iui treatment.

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