What is PCOS and How its Treatment can help you get Pregnant?

Poly-cystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS/PCOD is very common in women of reproductive age. This is the cyst formation on the ovaries that in turn creates problems in ovulation thereby affecting fertility of the patient. PCOS starts with hormonal imbalance in the female body which leads to many symptoms such as excessive hair growth, problems in getting pregnant, acne, irregular menstrual cycle etc. Ferticity Clinics is known for the best PCOS treatment in Delhi India.

What are the Symptoms of PCOS?

PCOS or PCOD is a hormonal disorder where the ovaries are filled with small fluid filled sacs called cysts. These cysts cause hormonal disturbances and hampers the normal ovulation process in females. The symptoms of PCOS or poly cystic ovary disease are –

  • Acne/pimples on face, neck, back and chest
  • Irregular Periods (menstrual cycle)
  • Unwanted Hair Growth on face, neck and other body areas
  • Thinning of hair on head
  • Patches on scalp due to hair loss
  • Weight Gain
  • Skin Darkening etc.

Some of these symptoms are always there is females suffering from PCOS. If you are also experiencing such symptoms then don’t delay any further and meet the best PCOS doctor in delhi to get treated.

How is PCOS related to Infertility?

The cysts in the ovary hamper the normal cycle of ovulation which in turn creates problems in getting pregnant. So PCOS is one of the most common reasons for infertility in females. The symptoms of PCOS can be controlled via treatment and lifestyle modification. We at Ferticity, give utmost preference to treat the diseases that can be causing issues in getting pregnant. So PCOS treatment is required to help in planning a baby.

PCOS Treatment Options to Get Pregnant

There are many treatment options for polycystic ovary which in turn can help in getting pregnant. Some of the most common treatment options are –

Medications and Hormone Replacement

In severe cases of PCOS, hormone replacement is performed to give relief to the patient from the symptoms. However in mild to moderate cases, other medicines and lifestyle changes are advised.

Losing Weight

Excessive weight can lead to hormonal imbalances as well. Shedding extra weight can help in regaining that balance and treating the symptoms.

Laparoscopy Surgery for PCOS

Laparoscopy surgery for PCOS is known as ovarian drilling, in which the excessive thickness is removed from the ovary. This leads to normal release of eggs (one egg per cycle). This surgery boosts fertility to many folds

IVF Treatment

The final treatment of PCOS for fertility is IVF treatment. One must consult the best IVF clinic in Delhi, India where the doctors are experienced and the success rate is high. In IVF treatment the sperms and eggs of the couple are fertilized in a lab and then the embryo is transferred in the mother’s womb. A pregnancy test is performed after 15 days.

So, if the PCOS treatment is not done well in time then it can make the female infertile. Be it the mild case or severe, the treatment and doctor’s consultation is necessary. Call us to Book an appointment with our PCOS specialist doctors to get your fertility back!