Things to consider before starting your IVF Journey-Ferticity Fertility Clinics

Parenthood is a blessing but off and on nature has some different plans for some couples.

Despite trying multiple times, if you’re not able to fulfill your dreams of becoming parents, the reasons can be, Woman’s Age, Male and Female Factors, Endometriosis, etc. Once the reason is diagnosed by a specialist you can be suggested to go for IVF. And as soon as you start your IVF journey you might think of the thing you must take care of.

Things to consider before starting your IVF Journey

In-vitro fertilization is an assisted reproductive technology with higher success rates of pregnancy. It’s a boon for a couple who have been trying for a long time and not getting any results. The IVF journey can be intimidating and requires a lot of patience and before going for an IVF Treatment you should keep these few things in mind.

Talk About It- Get ready

It’s time to pluck up your courage and prepare yourself for the process. Discuss all the ‘What ifs’ with your partner, express your feelings, and get yourself mentally prepared. Keep in mind ‘Dreams are hard to achieve but not Impossible’.

You’ll have multiple visits to the doctors, hormonal changes, mood swings, maybe a few failures too (this varies from case to case) but you should be willing to stick to your goal until you become parents. The process of IVF does not guarantee success but there are no limitations to the options available.

What Treatment Do You Need?

Get your homework done, get yourself all the knowledge you need about the process and other infertility treatments available. Read blogs, websites, watch videos, or talk to your doctor about IVF and other alternatives available.

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Get yourself and your partner assessed and look at which treatment will help you to conceive a child. Remember, both men and women are equally responsible and can be infertile. After a complete diagnosis a specialist will suggest a treatment which can be Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), IVF or ICSI treatment.

Choose The Best IVF Treatment Centre

With a plethora of options available, choosing the right IVF treatment center can be a daunting task. Do some research and choose an IVF treatment center that has state-of-the-ART IVF labs, has high success rates, requires no multiple attempts, and has the best IVF Doctors.

Ferticity Fertility Clinics is one such IVF treatment center in Delhi it is the only stand-alone NABH Accredited IVF center in India with leading fertility specialists- Dr. Ila Gupta, one of the topmost IVF specialists in the town. As IVF treatment requires a lot of work, trust and time make sure you’re choosing the best.

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Move Towards a Healthy Lifestyle

Even when you’re talking about it, make yourself move towards a healthy lifestyle. The first thing you can do, to begin with, the process is to start consuming foods that help in boosting fertility in both men and women.

Get yourself physically active, do some light exercises, brisk walking, stretching, and maintain a healthy weight. Quit alcohol and smoking even before your doctor tells you to do so. Make sure you’re not making a major change in your lifestyle but moving towards a healthier lifestyle to increase your chances of pregnancy.