What is the Role of ICSI in IVF Treatment?

What is the role of ICSI in IVF treatments?

ICSI is an advanced technique in which the best sperm is selected and pushed inside the egg using micropipette fertilization. This ICSI technique was first used in the 1990s, and since then it has been successfully used in patients to relive their dream of becoming parents.

What is ICSI/IVF?

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection is an Assisted Reproductive Technology that is utilized in coordination with IVF to treat infertility problems caused due to low sperm count, less sperm mobility and much more.

This technique has a significantly higher success rate than any other form of treatment for male infertility. During an ICSI Treatment, the expert embryologist injects sperm into the egg for successful fertilization which increases the chance of pregnancy.

ICSI is performed within the IVF treatment process. During which the female partner is given medication for producing a high number of eggs during the IVF cycle. The eggs are retrieved under anaesthesia and injected with sperm for fertilization.

The sperms are collected from the male partner, but if due to any psychological reasons he is not able to produce a sample, the doctors can extract the sperms by giving some anaesthesia (TESA).

After extraction, the sperms are tested in laboratories for choosing the best sperm to be used in ICSI.

The entire process takes a day, right from the retrieval of the sperm and egg to their fusion.

The ICSI is performed strictly under the guidance of an expert embryologist who finely injects the sperm into the egg. Once the fertilization is done, it is transferred into the women’s uterus under expert medical supervision.

Post 16 days, a pregnancy test is done to check the progress.

Although ICSI is a revolutionary treatment in the realm of human infertility it has its limitation of being not so useful in treating female infertility problems.

Is ICSI/ IVF safe?

Well, according to Ferticity’s best infertility specialist in Delhi, the ICSI IVF treatment is very safe.

However, the risks it carries are similar to the ones present in any other fertility treatment.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this treatment, it is advised to get in touch with a fertility expert doctor who can offer you a reliable medical consultation for your reproductive health.

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