Tanzanian couple with failed IVF cycles successfully conceive

Tanzanian couple with failed IVF cycles successfully get positive results at Ferticity Fertility Clinics

Patient Name: Makole

Country: Tanzania

Hospital: Ferticity Fertility Clinics

Doctor: Dr Ila Gupta (IVF Specialist)

Makole’s Story:

We are delighted to serve Makole and Andrew Kapilim from Tanzania, who struggled to conceive for three years. Then they got to know about Ferticity Fertility Clinics in Delhi from their agent, Salaam. So after having failed treatments at home, they decided to come to Ferticity Fertility Clinics in Delhi for further advanced treatment. They came all the way to India in the hope of having a child of their own and consulted our IVF specialist, Dr Ila Gupta. After understanding Makole’s history of failed IVF cycles, she suggested they go for an IVF at Ferticity. After going through Makole’s first IVF attempt with Ferticity, she successfully conceived her own child.

Makole’s journey to Ferticity Fertility Clinics

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This Tanzanian Couple Achieved IVF Success For The First Time At Ferticity Fertility Clinics

Makole’s experience in Ferticity Fertility Clinics

“We are highly satisfied with how the treatment was done for us, right from the nurses

in fact, the entire team, the management and in particular Dr Ila Gupta, who was actually very very useful for us so we got the treatment the advice and medications, and the care of a very high standard. We are very satisfied and we are ready now to go back home after being treated

Ferticity successfully.”

                         – Andrew Kapilima & Makole