A 46-year-old woman from Liberia experiences motherhood for the first time

International Patient Testimonial of Belinda

Patient Name: Belinda Jackson Cheeks

Country: Liberia

Hospital: Ferticity Fertility Clinics

Doctor: Dr Ila Gupta (IVF Specialist)

Belinda’s Story:

We are delighted to help Belinda, a 46-year-old woman from Liberia, who struggled to get pregnant even after 15 years of trying. She constantly desired to mother her own child but was never able to conceive. She even tried getting several treatments from one hospital to another yet no results. Then she came all the way to India when she heard about Ferticity Fertility Clinics. She consulted our IVF specialist, Dr Ila Gupta. After understanding Belinda’s history, she suggested that Belinda should go for IVF. Recently, Belinda got a positive pregnancy report in her first IVF cycle.

Belinda’s journey to Ferticity Fertility Clinics

Watch Belinda’s journey here:


Belinda’s experience in Ferticity Fertility Clinics

“With Ferticity, I am very much grateful. As I go back to my country, all the sisters having this desire (to be a mother), I am going to send them to India. If they’re able to come, they should come right to Dr Ila Gupta Thank you very much. I pray for long life for you.”

                           – Belinda Jackson Cheeks