Indian couple experiences parenthood for the first time

Patient Name: Shobha Devi

Country: India

Hospital: Ferticity Fertility Clinics

Doctor: Dr Ila Gupta (IVF Specialist)

Shobha’s Story:

We are delighted to help Shobha Devi & Hare Krishna Singh from Bihar, India. They struggled to conceive for almost 3 years and lost all hope of becoming parents. Shobha’s fallopian tubes were blocked and no other hospital was able to treat her. However, the couple was treated by Dr Ila Gupta at Ferticity Fertility Clinics, and they successfully got pregnant on the first IVF attempt, even though they previously had many IVF failures. 

Shobha’s journey to Ferticity Fertility Clinics

Watch their journey here:

Shobha’s experience in Ferticity Fertility Clinics

“After getting my wife treated for infertility at various hospitals, none of the hospitals helped. Then we got to know about Ferticity Fertility Clinics through a friend and decided to give it a try. Dr Ila Gupta is so knowledgeable that she quickly diagnosed the issue, treated my wife and asked us to try IVF. We didn’t think IVF would work as we already had IVF attempts earlier that had all failed. But the IVF was successful and my wife tested positive for pregnancy. Thank you, Ferticity.”

                                – Hare Krishna Singh