Hyperspermia: Side Effects and Symptoms

Infertility has always been a problem for both men and women. While there was no cure earlier, it is said that following a healthy lifestyle can help to bring necessary changes. Nonetheless, in today’s time, there are significant treatments for infertility. 

Hyperspermia is one of the most prominent conditions affecting men. It is a rare condition that we will be discussing in this blog further, so stay tuned till the end. 

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What Is Hyperspermia?

Hyperspermia is a rare condition affecting around 4% of the male population in India. As the name suggests, hyperspermia refers to the condition when the male body releases more sperm than the normal volume. 

The male body ejaculates around 2 to 6 mL of sperm on average. Men with hyperspermia, on the other hand, will ejaculate around 6.3 mL of semen(fluid that males ejaculate during orgasm is referred to as semen).

Hyperspermia is a condition opposite to hypospermia. Hypospermia refers to the condition where men produce less semen than the normal value. Although it does not have a negative impact on the male body, it will decrease fertility. 

What Are the Symptoms of Hyperspermia?

It is advisable to keep a check on the symptoms of hyperspermia to ensure faster treatment. Faster treatment can help to overcome the challenges. Some of the common symptoms of hyperspermia include the following:

  • Painful ejaculation
  • Delayed ejaculation
  • Dizzy feeling after sex
  • Fatigued or weakness after sex
  • The penis will feel stretched
  • The sperm discharge will be yellow in colour
  • Sexual drive will be higher than usual

Men suffering from hyperspermia will have problems getting their partner pregnant. Moreover, even when they get pregnant, there will be a risk of miscarriage. Comparatively, men with hyperspermia will have higher sex drive than the usual. 

What Are the Causes of Hyperspermia?

Hyperspermia leads to abnormal levels of sperm. However, the exact cause of the same is yet to be known.

Some of the common causes of hyperspermia include the following:

  • Steroid usage. 
  • Using pills to boost sexual performance. 
  • Medication usage
  • External gap for sexual activity
  • Prostate infection
  • Consuming protein-rich foods

How Will Hyperspermia Affect Fertility?

Hyperspermia will have a negative impact on the man’s fertility.

Nonetheless, the impact will always won’t be the same. Many men may have a higher semen volume but the sperm count in that will be lesser than the usual ejaculation level. It will lead to fluid becoming dilute. 

The sperm count will decrease significantly. Therefore, it will be tough for you to fertilize the partner’s eggs. Even when you can get the partner pregnant, the process will take longer than usual. 

The semen volume will be high, but the sperm count will be less than normal. If your sperm count is normal, hyperspermia will not affect fertility. One of the biggest complications it can cause is an increased risk of miscarriage. 

What Are the Treatment Options for Hyperspermia?

In many situations, men suffering from hyperspermia will not need any treatment. If the sperm count is low, the impact on fertility will be negative. People trying to conceive may have problems when they’re trying to conceive. The doctors may recommend different measures for treating fertility. 

Some of the common ways in which the doctor will help to improve fertility include the following:

1. Medication

If your sperm count is low due to hyperspermia, your doctor might recommend estrogen receptor blockers.

Other medicines that can stimulate the brain to increase sperm production include clomiphene citrate. Nonetheless, this is an off-label use of the drug. It is advisable to opt for reliable studies to determine the impact of the same. 

2. Assisted Reproductive Therapy

Assisted Reproductive Therapy or ART refers to a treatment through which the doctor can help individuals increase the conception charges. It may include different processes like intracytoplasmic sperm injection and in vitro fertilization. 

It involves sperm and egg mixing that usually takes place outside the body. Once the egg is fertilized, the egg will be transferred in the uterus to determine growth.

This will help to increase the chances of conception or pregnancy. ART can contribute significantly towards increasing the conception chances thereby leading to birth of infants around the world. 

When Should You See a Doctor?

If your body produces excessive semen, it is advisable that you take special care of it. You must consider reaching out to a doctor who will help to treat the condition.

Furthermore, if you’re failing to get your partner pregnant even after multiple efforts, you must see the doctor. 

The doctor usually recommends a physical exam. It is advisable that you check the sperm count to eventually improve fertility. The doctor may conduct different tests to measure your fertility.

Some of the common tests that will help to analyze the condition include:

1. Hormone test

The hormone test is a blood test that will check whether your body has enough testosterone or not. It will also check whether your body has other male hormones. Low testosterone is also one of the main reasons that leads to infertility. 

2. Semen analysis

The doctor will collect the semen sample for testing. You may ejaculate in the cup during sex. The doctor will take a sample to a lab where the technician will check the sperm and count.

Furthermore, the technicians at the lab will also check the quality of sperm. It will help them determine whether your sperm is strong enough to impregnate your partner. 

Is Hyperspermia Treatable?

There is no need to treat hyperspermia. It will affect your ability to get your partner pregnant. Nonetheless, opting for proper treatment can help in increasing the chance of conception. Reaching out to the best IVF center in India can, however, play an important role in increasing the sperm count. 

The doctor may use the sperm retrieval technique to pull the sperm across the reproductive tract. Once the sperm is removed, the doctor may fertilize the partner’s egg using in vitro fertilization or intracytoplasmic sperm injection. The fertilized embryo will then be placed in the uterus of the partner. 

If you want to opt for IVF to treat hyperspermia, you must consider reaching out to a doctor. And what better than the best IVF center in South Delhi? If you want an infertility center with world-class IVF labs, foreign-trained doctors, a promising success rate, and the most complete range of treatments, you should choose Ferticity Fertility Clinics.

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