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Some embryos do not implant in the womb. However, there may be cases wherein the implantation will be successful which can lead to pregnancy. If you are trying to conceive through IVF, you need to visit the most advanced IVF labs.

The reliable labs will follow the most ethical practices to ensure that you’re catering to the patient’s needs. If the blastocysts do not implant, you must know that it is not your fault. Often the body may reject the embryo.

When fertilization happens in the lab, the embryo will grow significantly. However, in some cases, you may need to experience failure.

What if The Blastocysts Do Not Implant?

If the blastocysts do not implant, you should know that it isn’t you. Infertility can have a negative impact on your self-esteem. So, even when the IVF fails, you may think that it is your fault.

Many women tend to think that their bodies wasn’t strong enough which is why the embryos fell off. You may feel that the failure happened because you didn’t get to rest enough.

What Are the Main Reasons For Failed Blastocysts Implantation?

IVF or implantation failure can make many couples annoyed and women agitated. However, in situations like these, you must know that there are certain external factors as well for which the blastocysts may not implant.

Some of the common reasons for the failure of blastocyst implantation include:

Transplantation of embryo

If the embryo isn’t fertilized fully, it will never be able to attach itself to the uterus. Therefore, you are likely to notice a failure of implantation.

Age of eggs

The age of eggs is one of the most important factors to consider when you are choosing IVF.

The doctors at the advanced IVF labs will check your ovarian reserve (quantity and quality of the eggs). According to professionals, as a woman ages, the quality of eggs reduces as well. This eventually prevents you from having a successful IVF.

The success rate of the IVF will also depend on the age of your eggs. If you are in your 20s the chances of implantation are much higher than that of your 40s. It is advisable to reach out to the best IVF centre in India, which can help you find a reliable solution to your problem.

Older women usually prefer using donated eggs from younger women for conceiving. The quality of eggs will be far better in younger women than in older ones.

Chromosomal problem

One of the main reasons why the blastocyst won’t implant is problems in the chromosomes.

When the embryos are conceived in a lab, some of them will experience abnormalities. It is also important to note that these chromosomal abnormalities may also be a reason for miscarriage in many women.

Older women’s eggs are likely to have chromosomal issues. These abnormalities will become more severe thereby affecting the rate and chances of implantation.

Even men suffer from the same problem. However, the rate of decrease in quality will be much lower in men.

Quality of embryo

The quality of embryos has a huge role in determining whether they will lead to successful IVF or not.

Often the embryo will fail to implant itself into the uterus because they face some abnormalities. Furthermore, these embryos may appear good in the lab, but they will have some defects.

Sometimes your uterus will reject the embryo. An unhealthy embryo will never implant itself in the uterus. Furthermore, it will not grow as well because it is not healthy enough.


The best IVF centre in Delhi, Ferticity Fertility Clinics, often recommends that women have a check on their lifestyle.

If you are getting IVF, you need to be extra cautious about your lifestyle. You need to quit smoking, and alcohol at least three months before undergoing IVF treatment.

Women who do have a healthy weight are also likely to face problems if they don’t undergo IVF. It is crucial to follow a healthy lifestyle and maintain a good weight.

If you are overweight, you must lose some pounds. If you are underweight, it is time to gain some.

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