Does complete Bed Rest improve the chances of success of IVF?

BURSTING yet another very common myth surrounding IVF treatment is that one needs complete bed rest after an embryo transfer.

Undoubtedly, IVF is a time-taking and costly procedure. Therefore  after embryo transfer, many women are afraid that their careless actions can lead to failure. Most women are worried that their chances of conceiving may decrease if they do not take bed rest and resume their day-to-day activities.

It is very common to get apprehensive about the aftercare following the IVF treatment. We understand that you worry about, “what if I did something wrong after the IVF procedure that can reduce its effectiveness?”

But don’t worry, in this article, we will find out if bed rest can improve the success rate of IVF and for how long bed-rest is required.

Do You Need Bed Rest After Embryo Transfer in IVF?

No, there is no need to put your life on pause after the IVF procedure.

The idea of bed rest is an absolute myth. ‘Fertility and Sterility‘, a study reported in 2013 by Gaikwad, Garrido et al (Spain), reports that 10 minutes of bed rest could be essential post the procedure.

The study included two groups of women, the first, who was told to take a rest for 10 minutes post the procedure and the second, who was discharged immediately. The results concluded that the second group of women, who were discharged immediately post the transfer had an 18% higher success rate and a 10% decrease was also observed in the spontaneous abortion rate as compared to the first group of women who took rest after the procedure.

An embryo does not fall out of the womb as a woman moves or stands up. The endometrium has its own movements and patterns. When the embryo reaches the uterus, it keeps it inside the uterine cavity, hence preventing it from expulsion or implantation in the inappropriate area.

Therefore, it is important to understand that implantation does not depend on women’s posture or movement.

Movement, however, plays an important role in blood circulation.

The longer a person lays down in bed, the slower the blood circulation is, which further affects the blood circulation to the uterus, which can further hamper the growth of the embryo.

The more time you are going to spend in bed, the more time you will have unnecessary thoughts, anxiety and stress, which can be dangerous for your health and will affect the embryo as well.

Winding Up

Most importantly, before listening to anyone who has undergone IVF, kindly consult with your doctor. Whether you need to follow a similar routine or not as every woman has a unique system of functioning, a different body type with different needs.

We suggest you talk your heart out to our counselor/psychologist to gain a better understanding of any issues.

Instead of letting your mind wander into unnecessary thoughts, be with your family more, interact more, talk to your doctor for any doubts, watch good movies, go out for walks, just do not indulge in a heavy workout. Look and create a positive environment for yourself.

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Compiled by: Anchita Kapoor (Counselling Psychologist at Ferticity Fertility Clinics)