What Are The Causes of Infertility in Women?

There are multiple factors that can cause infertility in a woman. The reasons can be hormonal imbalance, illness, any disease or any complications related to the reproductive system.

The causes of infertility are such that they can easily be overruled by minor environmental and behavioural changes.

However, living a healthy lifestyle and adjusting the causes to the max can help a woman to overcome infertility and lead to a healthy pregnancy.

Causes of infertility in women

Pelvic inflammatory disease

It is a very common cause of infertility which gives rise to infertility syndrome in women.

Pelvic inflammatory disease or say PID is associated with the inflammation of the uterus, Fallopian tubes and ovaries that may get infected with an STI.

A timely STI screening is the best way to avoid such chaos.

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Fibroids are a type of benign tumour in women and another cause of infertility in a woman. They tend to remain small, but with time, they rise and impact fertility at a great level.

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Low egg quality

Many times, damages or abnormalities in the reproductive system may result in poor egg quality. It implies that some damages are prone to lower the quality of the eggs. With the poor egg quality, women face issues in their pregnancy.

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Diseases such as diabetes, thyroid, kidney issues or adrenal problems may lead to infertility. Some may directly impact fertility power while others indirectly affect it. Though possible treatments are available to treat such issues, women have to take necessary corrective measures too.

Hormonal imbalance

Most women have hormonal imbalances in their bodies which could lead to the growth of infertility.

With regulatory checkups and proper medication, hormonal imbalance can be lowered.

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Some sort of medicine carries side effects that may lead to the growth of infertility in a woman.

Though medicines are prescribed to treat some other medical problem, it does carry negative side effects on the fertility of a woman. Before taking any medications, patients must discuss the consequences with their doctor.

Fertility issues are very common and can easily be cured with proper diagnosis and medication.

A woman who is facing such issues can become pregnant after following some preventive measures and by applying some behavioural and environmental changes to her lifestyle.