Can You Get Pregnant with Hydrosalpinx (tube blockage)?

Hydrosalpinx means the fallopian tube of a woman is filled with fluid. It can be present either in one or both of the fallopian tubes. As the sperm needs to reach the egg to fertilize, the eggs must reach the uterus too, to fertilize with the sperm and develop into a healthy embryo. The fallopian tubes serve that purpose by transporting the released egg into the uterus. Once these are blocked, the passage of the egg is hampered thereby affecting the chances of fertility. This type of infertility is known as tubal factor infertility. However, this can be treated and the patient has a fairly high chance of becoming a mother.

Reasons behind the occurrence of Hydrosalpinx

  • Trauma to the fallopian tube
  • Pelvic Infection or sexually transmitted infection
  • Endometriosis
  • Intrauterine devices
  • Any previous abdominal surgery

How Diagnosis of Hydrosalpinx made?

The most common and painless diagnostic procedure is Ultrasound. The sound waves give a fair idea about the fluid in these tubes. This fluid is said to build-up due to some infections most likely and the scarring of the fallopian tube occurs too which makes it less functional.

Problems Hydrosalpinx creates

Other than creating fertility issues, hydrosalpinx can be problematic for the baby even when you have conceived. For example, if one tube is blocked and the other is open, then a woman can still conceive as the eggs are released alternatively from each tube every month. So even after the lady has conceived, there are chances that the fluid from the fallopian tube can leak inside the uterus. This fluid can be toxic to the embryo thereby creating a high miscarriage rate.

Treatment of Hydrosalpinx

Laparoscopic Tubal Clipping

The most minimal invasive as well as effective treatment is Laparoscopic Tubal clipping. In this procedure, a laparoscope is inserted inside the abdomen by keyhole surgery. A camera is attached to the probe to provide guidance to the surgeon. Through that probe, the fallopian tube having hydrosalpinx is detached from the uterus. This tube is then clipped so that it can not discharge any fluid to the uterus. This protects the embryo. Another tube is also examined for any pathologies.

If that tube also has some issues then IVF is the preferred method.

Laparoscopic Salpingectomy

It is performed in more severe cases of hydrosalpinx. The fallopian tube is removed to prevent any chances of infection or miscarriage.

IVF Treatment

In-Vitro Fertilization or IVF is a preferred method in such cases. As the patient’s eggs are taken painlessly and they are fertilized in the lab with their partner’s healthy sperm. The embryo thus formed is kept in the embryoscope for a few days. Later, this embryo is transferred to the patient’s womb and a pregnancy test is performed after 14 days.

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