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It is a very common practice in assisted conception treatment to freeze the embryos. This allows one embryo to be replaced during IVF treatment, wherein various embryos will be created simultaneously. However, it is necessary to follow the most ethical practices.

Most couples prefer freezing their embryos. Initially, babies born from frozen embryos were at severe health risks. However, with the improvement in the system, things have improved, and the risk rate went down.

Are Babies Born from Frozen Embryos Healthy?

One of the studies conducted by the British Fertility Society suggests that babies born from frozen embryos may be healthier. However, the reason for the sake is very unclear.

The study was conducted at the Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health in London. 384 babies born from fresh embryos and 108 born from frozen embryo transfers were compared. The results showed that the babies born from frozen embryos were healthier.

According to the result of the study, babies born from frozen embryos were approximately 253 grams heavier than the ones born from fresh embryos. Furthermore, frozen embryo babies have a longer gestation period.

Why Do People Transfer Frozen Embryos?

Even when several embryos are fertilized, it is good to transfer one or two embryos for IVF practices. The transfer of multiple embryos can often pave the way for various complications.

 While doing frozen embryo transfer, it is advisable to follow ethical practices. Reach out to a professional doctor at the best IVF centre in India for the transfer process. Upon examining embryos, the doctor will transfer the most fertilized ones, while the others will be frozen.

 In case the IVF pregnancy fails, there will still be options with the presence of frozen embryos. While many couples freeze the embryos to overcome pregnancy failure, others do so to opt for a second child.

Over the years, there have been significant improvements in frozen embryo babies. As per statistics, frozen embryo babies tend to be healthier without any risk of cancer in babies. Furthermore, the advancement in technology is playing an important role in saving the lives of the mother and child.

Moreover, some couples can’t undergo a normal pregnancy, so they opt for frozen embryo transfer. When you opt for freezing your embryo, you should know that there will be less risk of your child developing cancer.

Who Can Benefit from Freezing Embryos?

Freezing the embryos can prove to be extremely helpful for certain groups. These include:

  •     People with genetic disorders that may affect the child.
  •     People who are to undergo chemotherapy.
  •     Same-sex couples and LGBTQ+ people.
  •     People who are taking medicines that affect their fertility.

 People who are yet not mentally ready to conceive should consider freezing the embryos.


Embryo freezing is a safe option to conceive successfully, and it can also help with the delivery of a healthier child. No matter when you’re conceiving, frozen embryos can deliver healthy babies. However, you must consult a professional at the best IVF centre in India who has high success rates.

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