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Frequently Asked Questions

PESA is a procedure that includes inserting a tiny needle into the epididymis via the skin to retrieve sperm. TESA, on the other hand, entails inserting a fine needle directly into the testes and retrieving a small number of seminiferous tubules.

The possible causes of lack of sperm in your ejaculate include:

  • Poor sperm production due to testicular issues. Genetic abnormalities, past infection (e.g. mumps), and maldescended testes can all contribute to this.
  • A blockage of the genital tract that is not reversible (possibly caused by previous infection, trauma or surgery)
  • The vas deferens have a congenital absence (absence from birth), which is frequent in cystic fibrosis carriers.
  • History of vasectomy or an unsuccessful vasectomy reversal.

Patients with the TESA treatment frequently experience discomfort and swelling following the surgery. Men suffering from non-obstructive and obstructive oligozoospermia can also benefit from the PESA and TESA techniques.

The procedure takes about 20 to 30 minutes. The recovery is shorter and significantly less painful. Open testicular surgery may require a recovery period of nearly a week.

IVF treatment using PESA or TESA sperm has a similar success rate to IVF/ICSI using fresh semen produced.

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